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Welkom bij rigowners.com

The www.rigowners.com website is created by and for offshore managers and platform owners working in the oil and gas industry.

The goal of this website is to provide oil and gas platform in a quick and concise way with the latest news from the offshore harbour and oil and gas industry. In addition, no distinction is made between national and international news, so both the activities on the continental shelf and the international operations are closely monitored and displayed. Rigowners.com is in consultation made with many offshore oil and gas platform owners and managers which are active in the offshore industry, and aims to provide both companies which are active in the offshore havens as well as suppliers from the offshore sector, this in order to get a good overview of the companies and suppliers who are actively involved in the offshore sector and offshore havens in this industry. Rigowners.com is greatly appreciated by the purchasing/offshore manager,this sees at a glance back his or her trusted supplier in the vendor register. Rigowners.com the most trusted source of information for the rig owners in the offshore industry.

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